Phil Hopkins' amazing stories and commercial insights, will inspire a new vision that empowers your people to achieve more. He is one of Europe’s most dynamic business networkers to hit the international speaker circuit in more than a decade.

A smart, university educated entrepreneur with a 30+ year career in journalism, Phil Hopkins has interviewed thousands of people from all walks of life – lottery winners, politicians, criminals and hookers.

He knows ‘people’ and will teach yours how to connect, open doors, build relationships, close deals and, most importantly, be liked so that they’re allowed back!

An insatiable desire to ‘connect’ and understand what makes people tick, and his personal desire to achieve and push life’s boundaries, has taken Phil on an odyssey that’s led him to the corridors of power in Westminster, the financial centre of Chicago, Kathmandu, Kazakhstan, Everest Base Camp, and to the frozen wastelands of Siberia. He even found time to build three successful companies!

It’s this rich life experience, an ability to spot opportunity, and an innate talent for imparting key, business knowledge, that makes him an amazing speaker who will enrich your team, create a ‘can do’ attitude, and enable them to see things through more positive eyes.

“Phil is the ultimate networker, a man who connects at every available moment. He showed me that there’s a better way to do business that is as relevant today in the world of new media, as it was in Victorian England! It is no longer enough to simply ‘sell’ or ‘connect’, it is about relationships. Business is born from friendship.”

Phil is world class and speaks internationally. His insights will energise your team and prompt them to take positive action.

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